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07/05/2017 /

Join a mother and daughter as they travel through the post-apocalyptic world; putting their relationship to the test in their search for a place in this strange new world.

Originally published with the Lake Winnipeg Writers Group in Voices Volume Eleven, Number Two

31/05/2017 /

The next installment of the Revival series jumps forward years after leaving the safety of Abigail's family fallout shelter. She now spends her days working for the Conclave as a Warden in the city of Arcadia. When a radio transmission is received, Abigail and her two fellow Wardens, Adam and Jordan, are assigned the task of locating the survivors at its source. Plagued by her past ventures into the ruins of the world, Abigail struggles to know if she is ready for another mission. Will they find this other group or will the harsh realities of their destroyed world prove too much to handle?

31/05/2017 /

After the city receives a radio transmission from other survivors, Abigail and the two Warden’s under her command travel through the destroyed streets of the surrounding ruins.
When the three are nearly crushed by rubble and forced to detour on their journey, they pass what remains of a pre-war school appearing to have a bomb shelter hidden below.

Abigail decides the risks of investigating might just be worth it and they head into the school's depths in search of the shelter within.

Will her decision payoff or will the Warden's find worse than they could expect?